Fast 5G offers higher speed data transfer than the previous 4G wireless network technology

The 5G name refers to the fact that it is fifth generation of wireless technologies.

This is set to transform industry and life in general, by enabling the so called fourth industrial revolution, or ‘Industry 4.0’, as it is commonly known.

The new fast 5G networks will enable smart factories, transport and other innovations to be created.

Here is a KPMG report on the convergence of IOT & 5G

It is important forĀ  business leaders to rapidly develop and implement a transformation strategy, or they risk their competitors gaining competitive advantage.

Early adoptors that implement 5G benefits into their strategic digital strategy, will benefit.

The benefits of 5G technology for manufacturers include improvements include data speed, latency, reliability capacity and security.

5G is designed to offer the same speed and reliability as fibre connections, but at lower cost.

In addition to an improvement in mobile data speed, compared with 4G, new technologies are enabled.

Examples of the new technologies include Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and drones