5G Training Courses For Managers

5G Training Courses For Managers

5G Training – 5G is set to revolutionise industry, and life in general, but what is it?

We provide 5G training for both management, and also technical staff.

Our courses can either be delivered as a standard 5G course.

Alternatively we can develop and deliver a bespoke course.

5G Courses For Managers

Decision makers within organisations require the key information about 5G, and its impact on business operations going forward.

What competitive advantage can be gained, if the business uses 5G.

SWOT Analysis

Technical overview of 5G, and alternative LPWA technologies.

Costs, spectrum licencing, bandwidth, suitability and applications of 5G.

PESTLE analysis in terms of 5G implementation within a business.

5G Technical Training

Do your technical employees need upskilling in 5G wireless technology.

Our experience in wireless communications systems, dates back to the days of analogue mobile communications, but is constantly kept bang up to date.

Our training can be off the shelf, or bespoke for your needs.

Delivery can be either ‘on site’ at your premises, at our training centre, or virtual online.

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